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It can be hard to rationalize taking time out of our busy schedules for hobbies. This is especially true for anyone starting their own business. The busy schedule of an entrepreneur can give some the idea that fun hobbies instead of work has to be a big waste of time. However, fostering creativity through our hobbies is actually a great way to gain perspective, exercise our brains, and avoid burnout.


There’s actually a connection between entrepreneurship and hobbies. Many people have turned their favorite pastime into a business. It’s actually very common among entrepreneurs to have built onto a hobby and launched a career from it. Many successful business leaders have unique hobbies that challenge, inspire, and excite them. There are pastimes that actually even help people to run their businesses better!

Here are ten pastimes of successful entrepreneurs.

Puzzles such as Dudoku or crosswords can provide a break from a stressful day. These are also great tools for maintaining a healthy brain. Puzzles can help us strengthen our problem-solving skills and improve our memories. If you’re looking for a hobby that exercises your brain consider finding a few puzzles to give yourself a mental challenge and help to preserve your cognitive function.

Video Games
Video games are a great way to spend some downtime after work. Depending on the game, there are many of the same benefits as puzzles. Problem-solving and strategy skills can definitely be fine tuned while gaming. Using a controller can also improve your hand-eye coordination.

Entrepreneurs that work mostly alone can also benefit from gaming online by connecting with other players and being able to socialize. If you don’t have a lot of opportunities to interact face-to-face with people during the day, going online and connecting with other players remotely can have its benefits.

Gardening is a great hobby to reduce stress and improve your mood. There is actually a fun parallel between gardening and running a business. As the boss you plant the seeds and cultivate growth. It’s also a low-impact form of exercise.


Cycling is obviously a very physical hobby, however it’s a great way to get exercise if you otherwise spend most of your day at a desk. Cycling can improve brain and heart function so it’s great for your health. The cardiovascular activity gives you a surge of endorphins which can leave you feeling alert, if a bit tired. Even cycling for 30 minutes once or twice a week can improve your overall health.

There are a plethora of benefits from practicing yoga. It’s a great way to improve the quality of your sleep and reduce stress. Furthermore, you can gain muscle strength and flexibility and improve your posture. Yoga is also used for pain management. Practicing on a regular basis can truly benefit entrepreneurs who often face adversity because it also helps to increase your inner strength and mental health.

Everyone has to eat but making a hobby out of cooking can be a great way to disconnect from work and spend time with loved ones. It’s a creative activity which can improve your mood and give you a sense of adventure when you’re trying something new. Plus, it’s an activity where you get to eat!

As an entrepreneur you probably do quite a bit of reading for work, however there are multiple benefits to picking up a book after work. Specifically, literary fiction books can increase our emotional intelligence and empathy which will help shape our interpersonal skills. When you read it’s inevitable that your vocabulary will improve as well. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy day.

Through focus and relaxation the benefits of healthy pastimes can elevate your entrepreneurial success. Find something that you enjoy and give yourself a break every once in awhile!