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If you thought that business cards were a thing of the past, think again.


With the rush of young professionals entering the working world, the need for business cards has returned. These aren’t your mother or father’s business cards either; playful and creative designs mixed with the use of raw materials and different textures are breathing new life into the somewhat tired tactic of getting your name out there.


Through some research, I’ve seen the newest trends and some of the most unique designs to give a comprehensive list of what you should look for when receiving a business card and how you should change yours in order to stand out from the crowd. There are dozens of online templates available to help you get started. If these trends sound like something you’re into, I suggest ditching your old cards for something more thoughtful and creative.


Hand-Cut Cards

If you’re in a business that leaves you with a lot of scrap paper at the end of the day, you have the means to create a custom and individually unique business card. Using raw elements from your work, whether it be old sketches or mockups, you can recycle your used paper and turn it into a business card. Simply custom order a stamp with the information on it that you want and you have a unique set of cards that no one else can recreate.


Uniquely Textured Cards

Cards that have an element of texture to them introduce a new sense to the meet-and-greet game: touch. If your card feels different, it’s going to stand out against any other flat card, instantly making you, and your card, more memorable. Additionally, the use of raw materials like wood, metal, or clear plastic can help your card to feel heavier, sturdier, and different from the rest. This new trend is popping up all over the place, though it’s best to use this tactic in industries where it makes most sense, like woodworking, design, and construction.


Branding Elements

You don’t have to be working at a company to have a business card. And if you’re not currently with a company, you can still add a branding element to your card to make you a more memorable candidate. Make yourself a logo, capture who you are in a brand, and add that to your business card. Branding can go a long way and can tie in your business card to your resume, website and cover letter, giving your potential employer or new connection an even easier way to remember you.


These business card tips are just a few of the popular trends circulating the business world today. In a time where competition is steep, it’s best to be confident with who you are as a professional and as a person. Be yourself, and design your card to reflect exactly what you want others to see in you.