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Performance-based hiring was coined by Lou Adler of the Adler Group. Performance-based hiring can be a beneficial alternative to traditional styles of hiring if utilized properly. There are a few ways to utilize performance-based hiring to benefit you and your team in the long-run. Here we will talk about what performance-based hiring is and how you can use it to find the best team possible for your organization.


A way to look at performance-based hiring is to think about the traditional form of hiring. Recruiters will released a job opening with a description of the job and it;’s duties. Included in the job description will be requirements such as five plus years of sales experience or manager experience among other things. Recruiters will then hire someone who fits that matches those requirements and interviews well during the interview process. Performance-based hiring uses how someone performs at a job as a measurement of hiring someone. A performance-based job description would highlight the work that needs to be done every week, month, or year. A performance-based job description may include the objectives that the sales representative has to complete every month or every year. An example would be: Make seventy calls each month and secure 20 potential leads.


The benefits of using performance-based hiring is that it allows you to hire the best employee for a specific job. Someone who is highly motivated and a hard-worker may be better suited for a certain job as opposed to someone who has a college degree and a below-average work ethic. Performance-based hiring can lead to a more diverse workforce with people from all different backgrounds and experiences working together to achieve the same goal. You can also use performance-based hiring tactics within an interview with a candidate. In this type of interview, the interviewee would receive the questions prior to the interview. The questions would be directly related to what kind of achievements the candidate has accomplished in previous jobs. This gives the interviewee the chance to display their goal-oriented skills before being hired. Performance-based interview are a unconventional way to conduct and interview process but can reap great rewards for your team in the long-run.