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Some people think that recruiting professionals all falls under the same type of recruitment strategy. The truth is that traditional recruiting and niche recruiting are very different and require different tactics to perform each effectively. In this article we will explain the subtle but important difference of traditional and niche recruiting as well as highlight ways to use niche recruiting effectively.

Traditional & Niche

Traditional recruiting can mean a few things such as how people go about trying to recruit people. For this article we will refer to traditional recruiting as the goal of filling as many jobs as possible with employees. With traditional recruiting recruiters are usually working with a mass amount of applicants to fill many different open positions in various industries. Many of the open jobs recruiters are trying to fill do not require a lot of interviewing or in-depth processes to hire individuals. Niche recruiting is different in the aspect of hiring because it looks to fill less positions but with longer, more in-depth interviewing and screening processes. Niche recruiting seeks professionals with specific skill sets for specific job openings.


One of the main factors in niche recruiting is being incredibly specific for what you are looking for. This can be detailed in the job description as to try and encourage only people who are fully qualified to apply for the position. Try and use industry specific jargon in the job description Chances are that if an applicant does not know what you are referring to by using the jargon, they are not fit for the niche position.

Using Socials

Social media has become a massive resource for job seekers and employers. The key to niche recruiting is to understand what kind of social media profiles you should use to reach your niche candidates. Massive job sites like Indeed, and can be difficult to use for niche recruiting. Thousands of people log on to job seeking websites like Indeed and making it a time-consuming effort in some cases of niche recruiting.

As a niche recruiter, it is important to know the tendencies of the people you are looking for. Using aspects of social media platforms will help narrow down your search to find the right fit for your business.