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New styles and trends for the workplace are emerging more quickly with a shifting workforce. Some predictions have Millennials taking over the workplace by 2025. This rapid shift of workers comes with a rapid shift of workspace preferences and styles. Recent years have given way to new and exciting workplaces. Here, we will talk about some of the trending workplace styles and designs that come along with these rapid changes.


A younger generation of millennials values natural elements in their workplace. Companies are now installing windows and a variety of plants to utilize natural sunlight and bring a sense of the outside world into the workplace. Create your own company garden for your employees to promote responsibility and an even greater sense of welcoming.


Amenities are the key to keeping your team happy and healthy in their workspace. Companies are beginning to incorporate a snack bar for their employees packed with snacks that the employees themselves requested. Other creative amenity ideas include providing an outdoor space for employees to work or take a break, weather permitting. Stepping away from the computer screen for a few minutes will increase their mood and set the stage for getting to know their coworkers.

Open & Not Open

When you are either looking for a workspace or figuring out a redesign of your current workspace, it is important to consider having varying areas of open and closed areas. It is understood that people work at different levels of proficiency in different types of workspaces. Some employees may prefer a quiet space to hunker down and get work done while others could lean towards a more open and active workspace. The gist is to strive for an environment where you can incorporate both kinds of workspaces so your team can work comfortably and efficiently.


More and more companies have been shifting their dress code to a more casual one. With many businesses moving away from brick and mortar stores companies are becoming almost entirely digital with no client-facing aspects. No client-facing interactions allow companies to ease up on their dress-code policy and can give employees the freedom to express themselves in a civil way. Employees will appreciate the freedom to dress as they want and it could also promote an increase in productivity as well as overall employee satisfaction.