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With the number of projects you have any one time, it can be a lot to keep in line. Thankfully, technology keeps coming up with productivity tools to alleviate that pressure. Keep yourself and your team organized with any of these tools:

Android Wear

Smartwatches have become hugely popular in recent years. From counting steps to measuring heart rates to answering text messages with a single tap, there is so much power on your wrist that is only beginning to achieve its full potential. It makes sense then, that companies such as Apple and Android would incorporate productivity tools into these devices to further attract consumers looking to streamline their lives. More applications are adapting to allow consumers to utilize their products via voice activation on their smartwatches, thus making them extremely valuable to anyone with a busy schedule.

Post-It Plus

Post-It notes are great for brainstorming…until they lose their adhesive backing or get all jumbled together with the ninety-five other Post-It notes on your desk. That’s why Apple came up with Post-It Plus, an app that allows people to work with paper Post-It notes and transcribe them digitally. It’s a simple concept but revolutionary in that users can then manipulate the digitized versions, organizing them whichever way best suits their thought processes. More than that, users can share their digital Post-Its with other people, too, allowing them to share their thoughts more effectively without risk of losing any valuable information.


Email can eat up your time like nothing else, and if you find yourself falling into this trap, it might be time to try a different approach. Uskape is in its beta testing, but it integrates all of your work into one place, including your emails. Uskape takes on the task of organizing your work for you, and makes it easy to determine which stage each project is currently at. Rather than switching open multiple tabs and windows, Uskape compiles it all together, making your life easier and your computer screen less crowded.


Though currently only available on Apple devices, Timeful will soon be available to the public at large via a web-based platform and an Android version. For anyone who gets a lot of mileage out of time-blocking their days, Timeful could be the app for your team. You can use Timeful to plan your whole day if you want, or to block off just a chunk of time to prioritize one particular thing. What makes Timeful even more helpful is, if you run into a scheduling conflict, how it will suggest another time for an event or activity based on your own routine. Timeful allows you to enter habits people want to build, too. Overall, Timeful is like a personal timekeeper, and extremely useful for both teams and individuals alike.