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Negotiating is a skill that many people attempt to avoid out of fear. However, negotiation skills should be practiced regularly, as a person who is skilled at negotiating can get the best outcomes in numerous facets of life. There are three techniques that should be used during every negotiation to achieve desirable results.


When the terms of negotiation have been presented, a negotiator should immediately act astonished. The astonishment will bring awareness to the fact that the negotiator does not view the negotiation terms favorably. In turn, this will create tension during the negotiation that can be used strategically. This technique should be used even if the terms are already favorable, as it can potentially make a way for even more favorable terms.


Reiterating the terms of negotiation will add to the effect that astonishment produces. Additionally, reiteration can add an element of doubt to the negotiation, allowing the other party to consider if their terms are really unreasonable. This doubt may produce an immediately favorable result, where the opposing party may present better terms during the negotiation.


There is a saying that states that “silence is golden” and this is especially true during negotiations. Silence creates an awkward moment during negotiations where both parties take time to ponder about what the other party is thinking. The first party to break the moment of silence is typically the party that ends up being on the losing side of the negotiation.

To use silence as a tool during a negotiation, a person needs to identify the peak of a negotiation, such as after a price has been given or an offer has been made. After this peak, the negotiator simply needs to remain silent for an uncomfortably long amount of time. The negotiator should not speak until the other party has broken the silence in some way. Oftentimes, the other party may break the silence with better terms for the negotiator.


Mastering the art of negotiation will help anybody to secure great deals. As a form of art, negotiating needs to be practiced and utilized routinely. These three techniques are great tools to use during any negotiation.