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In the digital era there are a plethora of distractions at our fingertips. Due to these distractions productivity often takes a hit. However, there are a number of tools that can boost work productivity and help manage your time



This digital tool does exactly what it sounds like, helps you to stay focused. The platform allows you to choose the websites and apps that distract you the most and blocks them from specific devices for set periods of time. If your social media activity sneaks into your morning routine each day, then try using StayFocused to block those sites from 8a.m. to 12p.m. It can be refreshing to remove common distractions and focus on the work at hand.



Asana is a wonderful tool to use personally or collaboratively with your team. It allows you to categorize everything into different projects. Work can be sorted and labeled with titles such as “to-do” and “complete” making it easy to set priorities. Asana is incredibly useful for driving productivity. It can be used to assign tasks and keep everyone up to date about what work needs to be done.



This is a very popular digital tool, and for good reason! It’s key feature is creating notes. You can link websites and add attachments to the notes and share them with your team. Asana also lets you scan documents and upload PDFs. The organizing tool allows you to create different notebooks for different topics. The app is very popular among business leaders as it helps users manage projects, take notes, edit documents, and share information.



Trello helps teams increase productivity by making it easy to collaborate. You can create different boards, adding due dates, checklists, and attachments and invite any number of members to each board. Everything updates in real time so everyone on your team can have access to the same, accurate information. There is a notification system so you can receive reminders for specific tasks. The web platform has phone and desktop versions available so you can check on the work being completed while on the go.


This app is all about making lists which is great for task management. You can group lists into folders, share them, and set deadlines and reminders. There is an option to sync everything on all of your devices which is very helpful.