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A startup mentor could be an incredibly invaluable person for your business. Many extremely successful entrepreneurs have been mentored before and now seek out mentorship opportunities for other rising entrepreneurs in similar fields. If you are just starting out as an Entrepreneur, you may be wondering how you can find a startup mentor and what the significance is of having one. We will show you some examples of why startup mentors are helpful and how someone can go about looking for one.

Relevant Experience

Finding a mentor is always beneficial for a variety of different reasons. One thing you should look for in a mentor is for them to have relevant experience in your field of work. Although, it is not necessary for a mentor to have the same job experience as you, it can prove to be enormously beneficial if they do. Startup mentors who have similar industry experience can help you identify early problems that you may run into and potentially how to avoid them altogether. These mentors have a better understanding of what types of audiences you could be dealing with and give you advice on how to effectively market and sell to them. Mentors with relevant industry experience could also put you in contact with industry professionals and connections that they have made over the years from their own business.


Whether your mentor has similar industry experience of not, they are a great resource to bounce ideas off of and get good, honest feedback. Your mentors want you to succeed and will have plenty of constructive feedback to give on any ideas you may have for your business. Choosing the right mentor is key for this area. You want to aim for someone who you trust enough to tell you potentially harsh and constructive things when you need them but also to encourage you to follow through with great and beneficial ideas for your business.

Networking Events

One of the best places to meet a mentor is at a networking event. A professional networking event is designed for professionals to mingle and meet one another. Get yourself out there and talk to as many people as you can to see who would be a good fit for a startup mentor. Many times, professionals are looking for someone to mentor as well. Always arrive prepared and make sure you have a hefty stack of business cards to distribute!