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Mental health issues plague society, and there are more people than ever seeking treatment for it. Psychotherapists have noticed a trend that may give insight to the mental health rates of employees at specific businesses. This trend shows that about 20 percent of employees have mental health issues.

While it is true that mental health issues may stem from the individual’s chemical makeup, it is also true that, sometimes, mental health issues can be linked to problems with the person’s employer. It is important for a business owner or leader to understand how mental health affects their business, and also how they can improve it.

How Mental Health Affects Your Business

Mental health issues cause businesses to lose money. These issues can cause employees to be less productive, less dependable, and also have more healthcare costs than those who do not suffer from mental health issues. Mental health issues can also lead to a toxic work environment if they are left untreated.

No Long Hours or Working off the Clock

More often, employees have less mental health issues when they get regular vacations and time off. By allowing employees to have a healthy work/life balance, they are able to have a fulfilling life both at work and outside of work.

Encourage Healthy Living

It has been proven that exercise and healthy eating can improve overall mental health. Having incentive programs or competitions for those who participate in wellness activities can promote mental health at the business.

Build a Trusting Relationship

Employees must trust their employer, just as an employer has to trust their employees. If there is no trust in the relationship, mental health issues might develop. The employee has to feel safe and comfortable in order to take risks or come up with innovative ideas.

Help the Employees Become Resilient

Being resilient on the job means that even when things get hard or complicated, the employees will mentally stick it out and remain strong throughout. When an employee is resilient, they likely will be even stronger when the challenge is over.

While it is important to remember that mental health cannot be entirely prevented, it is equally as important to point out that many cases of mental health issues can be treated by a change in the patient’s environment. If being at work is a negative experience for someone, it can trigger mental health issues. As a business owner, it is important to consider this and work to promote positive mental health.