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As the way we run business changes every few years, the places where we run our businesses also change. As we head into the later half of the year, there are some clear design trends that emerged in 2017 that look like they are here to stay for a while. Many of these new office layouts and redesigns have been influenced by the millennial generation, but many of them are just more conducive to the wireless world we live in now. Gone are the days of boring brown offices – here are some of the biggest trends in office design for 2017.


The Pick-Up-And-Move Tech Friendly Office

Technology isn’t going anywhere, any many offices are making the switch to a space in which paper is a thing of the past. Of course, everyone could use a notebook and some folders here and there, depending on your line of work, but most businesses work off of computers, tablets, and mobile devices now. Meetings occur wherever you can take your laptop, and, data is stored in central locations that can be accessed from anywhere. Smartphones are no longer going to land you in the HR office if they’re in use during business hours. With smarter technology comes a smarter space. The design aesthetic has also been changed to match the openness that technology brings, and sleeker, more open-concept floor plans and designs have emerged to take offices up a notch.


The Authenticity- Centered Space

Companies that put a lot of thought into the branding of their business have taken their office designs to the next level with branding the office itself and not just the company. This means creating a space that visually represents the feel of the company in both function and aesthetics. While you should always feel inspired in your workspace, designing an office that signals constant reminders to employees to keep them motivated will help office morale and productivity. Shifting from employee feedback to client feedback, your client should also be able to recognize your brand’s mission just by visiting your space as well.


The Upgraded Office Desk

Millennials and new-wave office designers alike are ditching the traditional office desk. With growing technology and a need for wireless technology, desks can now be anywhere you place your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This means that your desk should also be mobile as well. Standing desks are a new trend that have been emerging in offices in recent years to keep employees from suffering the consequences of sitting all day. These subtle changes in scenery can help the office re-energize when they need a boost in the middle of the day, or if they need a change of pace to spark creativity.


Curious to see how the above designs would work in your office? The only way to find out is to try it for yourself! Send your experiences with a new office design with me on Twitter and feel free to share new office design trends as well. Stay tuned to my blog for more trends and discussions.