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Are leaders made or born? This is the most common question asked about leadership. Whichever side you believe in, there are undeniable qualities that a leader possesses that sets them apart from other people. This article will highlight 7 top qualities that people have that make them a leader.


Integrity & Honesty


What is a leader if they do not have integrity? Perhaps the most important quality of a leader is the ability to be honest and have integrity. Whether you are a head coach of a sports team, or the CEO of a major company, it is crucial to be open and honest with your employees and the public.




A leader has great communication skills. Always be open to talk to your employees and colleagues in varying styles of communication. Whether it be one on one, a group setting, an email, or instant message be sure to communicate freely and often to other people in your organization.




As a leader it is crucial to be able to motivate your employees. Motivating your employees will allow you to overcome difficult obstacles in your way and grow as an organization. Strive to make the connection between the work your employees do and the benefits of completing the work.



The ability to innovate will make you and your organization stand out among the crowd. A leader knows when to move forward with their organization and how to do it. Steve Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”




Being a leader of an organization requires you to have a vision of where you want to go. Visual where you see your organization in five years or even six months and adjust your business accordingly to achieve that goal.




It is inevitable that there will be circumstances where mediation is required. A good leader knows how to compromise and solve issues as they happen. You must have solid interpersonal and communication skills to mediate discrepancies correctly.



As a leader, if you do not have confidence in your organization how could your employees? Having confidence pairs well with other qualities of a great leader. Have confidence in your work and your organization will help motivate your employees and even develop trust over time.